1.1 The organisation may reject any entry for just cause

1.2 If you dog is ill within 10 days prior to the race, please do not enter or if entered, contact us to defer your entry.

1.3 Minimum age of dog for canicross is 12 months old

1.4 Minimum age of dog for scooter and bikejor is 18 months old

1.5 You are expected to have your own insurance for yourself and your dog



2.1 Please arrive no later than 10:30PM Friday night.

2.2 Please arrive no earlier than 2:00pm on Friday afternoon

2.3 Drive slowly across the field at ALL times.

2.4 NO MASS CATERING – we understand that people get together socially to enjoy meals, but cooking for dozens of people is not allowed. Anyone found doing this will be asked to leave.

We have a licenced caterer (Burger bar) on site for food both days.

2.5 CAMPING- We appreciate clubs want to be together, which is fine. What we discourage is the development of large exclusive communities.

2.6 CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG – at all times on the trail and in the camping field
Failure to comply will result in a warning.

2.7 DO NOT EMPTY YOUR TOILET CASSETTE INTO THE PORTALOOS – This is an INSTANT ban for anyone found doing this.

2.8 TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME – No doggy bags or unused food to be left in the field
Failure to comply will result in a warning.

2.9 DO NOT put your rubbish in the burger bar bin.

2.10 Dogs ARE NOT to be off lead ANYWHERE ON SITE or TRAIL
Dogs MUST be kept under control at all times

2.11 Barbeques & Fire pits - MUST be raised off the ground to prevent damage to the grass. No open fires other than in the designated fire area in the middle of the field

2.12 Music - Not allowed at ANY TIME

2.13 NO GENERATORS AFTER 9:00PM – if you fail to follow this rule, we may ask you to leave

Barking at the start line is fine, but STOP your dogs from barking during the rest of the day and the evening. This may result in a warning.

2.15 DIGGING HOLES - If your dog digs holes, fill them in. Bring soil if you know your dog digs!

2.16 You are responsible for your own dog(s), your vehicles, caravans, campervans, tents etc. and your equipment and belongings.

Race rules are in place for the safety and well-being of all involved

3.1 Your race kit must be in good order - if your kit is unsuitable, or dangerous, we will advise you change it before allowing you to race.
This includes dog harnesses and muzzles

3.2 Failure to comply may result in disqualification

3.3 Bikes and scooters must be in good working order - brakes must work effectively. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure your gear is safe.

3.4 If your lines are too short or too long, for safety reasons, we will advise you change this before you race

Bikejor & scooter lines – 2-3 metres stretched

3.5 Tell the organisers or a marshal if you do not finish

3.6 No walkie-talkies during the race. This endangers race competitors - we need to be able to communicate with marshals out on the course.

3.7 When you have crossed the finish line, remove yourself from that area immediately

3.8 No supporters to be in the finish line area

3.8 A dog cannot be run in more than one category on the same day


4.1 Minimum age for competitors is 18 years old

4.2 Minimum age of dog for scooter and bikejor is 18 months old

4.3 Line length minimum 2 metres and maximum 3 metres stretched {IFFS Rules}

4.4 Helmets MUST be worn on campsite AT ALL TIMES if you are riding a bike or scooter with or without dog.

4.5 No two-dog bikejor anywhere on site - this will result in a warning.

4.6 Your line must attach to the bike or scooter NOT to the arm itself.

4.7 No side fitting attachments allowed during the race

4.8 No e-bikes allowed for racing

4.9 All new competitors must ride the course without a dog before the race

5.0 In the case of a course change over the season, all wheeled competitors must ride the new course – without a dog – before the race


Trail etiquette is important for the safety and enjoyment of competitors and dogs. Good sportsmanship is vital on this narrow technical course so we expect all competitors to be courteous and respectful to each other.

5.1 Verbal or physical abuse of dogs witnessed may result in disqualification

5.2 Verbal or physical abuse to other competitors may result in disqualification

5.3 Verbal or physical abuse to organiser or marshal will result in disqualification

5.4 Poor trail etiquette - passing inconsiderately or dangerously with 3 separate complains in one weekend, will result in disqualification. Call out 'Trail' and 'passing left or passing right'

5.5 If someone comes up behind you, move to the side of the trail. Refusing to let faster competitors pass is poor conduct and may result in disqualification

5.6 If someone has stopped on the course - or injured - please enquire if they need assistance

5.7 If stationary on the course, please ensure you remove yourself from the race trail so that others can pass safely.

5.8 No headphones worn during the race – this will result in disqualification

5.9 Any form of cheating will result in disqualification

5.10 If your dog lunges at other dogs, or is aggressive, you must move your dog to the side of a competitor is passing. If you are passing, ensure that you have control of your dog.
Muzzles allowed, so long as your dog can breathe comfortably.

If you have an issue with another competitor out on the course, please report this to us after the race. If you are wearing a headcam, we are happy to check footage to confirm the facts of an incident.

Checkendon is a private venue and you can use the trails after the race has finished. The following rules are to ensure that we are respectful of the owners of the venue.

6.1 TRAIL CANNOT BE USED AFTER DARK - if you are arriving after dark on Friday, please come and find us to arrange permission to ride the trail without a dog

6.2 Do not use the trail until after the race has finished

6.3 Follow the trail in the direction of the arrows

6.4 Stay ON the marked course

6.5 Be respectful to anyone you might see out on the trail
(The land owners often walk around the trail)

6.6 Control your dog. Please keep all dogs on a lead – at all times.


7.1 Race entries are not transferable to another race date unless by agreement - and can only be transferred ONCE ONLY

7.2 Race entries are non- refundable, and cannot be transferred, once entries are closed.

7.3 In the event of the organisers cancelling a date due to adverse conditions, illness or any other reason, there will be a 25% admin fee on all refunds to competitors


8.1 Complaints must be reported to the race organisers (Jan or David) no later than one hour after the race. If you report another competitor, we need race number and as much detail as possible in regards to the incident.


Any competitor receiving more than three warnings or disqualifications, in any one race year will result in not being welcome at future Checkendon Challenge races.